Monday, March 21, 2016

'Cause I Kill All the Plants {DIY}

Yes, I admit it.  I'm a cold-hearted, ruthless plant killer.  Well, actually, that's not really true.  I'm more of a "How could I have forgotten to water you?!" sap kneeling by the dying plant's grave in sorrow.  Either way, growing green things & I don't have the best track record.  That's where this DIY stems from {I couldn't resist}...

& everything you need can be found at the dollar store!
I found all the goods above at my local Dollar Tree!  All you need to do is fill your glass container with decorative pebbles {I actually only used 1 of the 2 bags, but depending on your container size you may need more}.  
My faux succulents came inserted in black styrofoam in plastic pots, so I took them out, & snipped 'em down a bit so they'd fit in my glass bowl easier.  Then, I nestled them down in the pebbles.
While some don't do "faux" {which I totally get & would rather have a green thumb, by the way}, it's easier to sleep nights knowing these guys won't be my next victims.  You know the whole talking to plants thing {to encourage them to grow}?  It's still okay to talk to faux plants, right? =)

Crafty Love,

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  1. this is adorable!! Love the idea! I am a fellow plant killer, so this may work out well for me!


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