Thursday, January 6, 2011

5 Things You Don’t Know About Bess + New Blog Schedule

1. I love to skateboard! I bought a board for my birthday last Nov. & have been rolling along =) ever since! You see, I always wanted to be a surfer girl, but I don’t live near an ocean + I have a terrible fear of sharks, so this is the next best thing. I’ve gotten the basic hang of it…now I just need to learn how to jump fire hydrants & stuff! =) (Yeah, right, I’m sure I can do that…Sure…Well, with lots of practice & lots of padding & prayers, maybe.=)

2. I’m planning on opening up shop (an Etsy shop, that is) very soon! I’ll let you know when, so you can be one of my 1st customers! =)

3. My new *old* favorite tv show is That Girl! I just love it! (I’ll be posting about the retro fashion inspiration from the show sometime this month or next.)

4. This month’s music (turn up your speakers) features some songs I handpicked for the New Year…songs that are some of my favs! Yep, I’m totally dancing around & singing right now (thankfully I'm alone=)!

5. I’m planning on moving out this year into my own space!!!

Here’s my new blog schedule…
1st Friday: Modest Fashion
2nd Friday: Godly Girl Talk
3rd Friday: Craftiness
4th Friday: Miscellanea =)

So, I’ll be posting Fridays in this new year. Occasionally I’ll post more frequently, but at least on Fridays you should find a new post here on Bess’ Bag! I don’t want to find myself handcuffed to a computer in 2011!=)

Love Ya Much,

P.S.: Thanks SO much for all your prayers for my stepfather & family. He’s still in the hospital, but will likely be coming home very soon. However, they think he might have cancer…they can’t be certain yet, but they think it’s very treatable if it turns out it is. Please continue to pray for my family. Thank you!

P.P.S.: My 1st modest fashion post of the year is coming up tomorrow!


  1. -I used to LOVE skateboarding! I used to jump off the curbs & stuff! How fun =) Wouldn't it be awesome to be a surfer girl? Sharks are probably my biggest fear though.

    -I can't wait for your new posts.

    -AND! You're moving into your own place?? How exciting! Wow, Bess! Did you live in a dorm during college? Wouldn't it of been cool to be roomates if somehow I was your age & going to the same college you did?!

    -I wanted to tell you that I got a job! Well, sorta. My Mom does a homedaycare & she hired me! I had to go through some intense "training" today, hehe. So yay, I can finally make some money.

    -Also Bess... I might be going to Israel this year!!!!!!!!! Your Scotland story inspired me so much. But I won't be going alone....
    Anyway, sorry if I sound like I'm talking all about me! I'm praying for you & your family ;)
    Love ya,

  2. Hiya, dear Bess! Haven't stopped by in awhile, and so I just thought now would be a good time!:) Sounds like you have your blogging schedule filled up with some fun!

    Hope all is well with you, dearest!
    Love you lots,
    P.S. I want to start an Etsy too only I am way too busy this winter. It will have to wait until summer break.


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