Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Big Etsy Announcement

Winsome Bess

I’m excited to announce the grand opening of my first ever Etsy shop: Winsome Bess! Currently Winsome Bess is offering a plethora of earrings for sale! In the coming days & weeks I’m planning on extending my offerings to other things – such as more jewelry, accessories, & vintage finds. Head on over & see what’s for sale! It’s all designed & handmade by me! =)

Click here... Winsome Bess


Winsome is one of my favorite words. It means charming, attractive, winning… I’ve heard it said from someone (I can’t remember who) that you have to be winsome to win some – “win some” to Christ that is. The speaker said your spirit should be one that makes people wonder what it is about you (that looks so attractive) that makes you different (your life in Christ, that is). So, I’m constantly striving for winsome-hood… & thus you now know the story behind my shop’s name!


P.S.: My stepfather still needs prayers, but thankfully he was able to come home from the hospital a few days ago.

P.P.S.: I made a snowman & snowwomen today! =) We got snow again…it’s so unusual for us!


  1. So neat!!! I will heart your Etsy shop after finishing this comment. I haven't heard much from you! I miss our little 'chats!' However, I know you are busy, as am I, and hope that the Lord is blessing your job and whole life with his amazing blessings!!!!:) Can you believe it's 2011 already??? When writing letters, I always forget to write the correct year!;p
    Hope you are having a lovely day, my dear sister!
    Love you lots,

  2. Bess, that's so exciting! Congrats! :) It's times like these that I seriously wish that my ears were pierced. :)


  3. I love your name!! I hope you get lots of sales. All of your earrings are beautiful :).

    Have a lovely day!!

  4. All your items are so adorable, Bess!!!!!!!!!!! I will bookmark your site and come shopping when I get some extra money!!!


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