Friday, January 21, 2011

Cordelia Ear Warmer {Wedgwood Inspired}

Ever since I turned over a classic pale cornflower-bluish miniature ceramic keepsake at a tag sale & saw the word “Wedgwood” stamped on the dainty thing, I’ve been a lover of the English pottery empire. The company’s been around since 1759 & today they’re still going strong! So they must be doing something right! Right? Well, I think so, cause the fated day I turned over that matte finished piece of Wedgwood Jasperware (one of their most popular styles), I’ve been a collector! I’ve got about 3 or so small pieces now from yard sales & thrift stores (yes, you can occasionally find treasures like that at those frugal-loving establishments=). I love Wedgwood so much it inspired today’s bit of crafty couture!

What You Need…
-ear warmer (I got mine at Joann’s for $1!)
-needle & thread / scissors
-cameo button

What To Do…
Cut about a 20-25 inch long (I forgot to measure the length (whoopsie) when I made mine - so this is my educated guess) by about 5 inches wide piece of tulle. Thread your needle & tie a knot near the end of your thread (so the thread won't slip through the tulle). Sew a straight line down the middle of the tulle by hand & then gather in a ruffle (you do this by holding one end of the thread & sliding the tulle down (gathering it close together)). Gather the ruffles in a circular shape & sew in the middle to keep it secure. Position the tulle on the ear warmer to your liking. Sew the ruffled tulle onto the ear warmer & then sew on the cameo button. Tie the thread in a knot on the back to secure. Next time your ears feel the bitter winter’s chill put on this whimsical, yet functional, addition inspired by that timeless English pottery: Wedgwood.

Love to You,


  1. Hello there!

    I forgot to mention that you may need to trim down your ruffled tulle. It's sort of a matter of taste - so if you feel it's too big, trim it down before you attach it to your ear warmer (I trimmed mine down a bit).

    Blessings & Crafting Bliss,

  2. I love these crafty projects you come up with! The other day I bought a wide, black, stretchy headband for $2 - bargain! - and have quite a collection of beads and scrap fabric, so I think I'll try this out with slight alterations :)

    God bless you!

  3. Maybe I will tell my sister about your adorable head band idea. My sister loves to take simple things and embellish them. Oh, I left a comment on your other blog too. I didn't know how often you used that blog. This is my first visit to your blog and I would love it if you chose to drop by my blog sometime. Have a good day and thanks for reading this comment.

    ~Elizabeth J.


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