Monday, October 14, 2013

2 Truths & A Lie {The Reveal}

Okay, so here's the truth {stop & read this post 1st (if you haven't)}... & the lie:

I took pottery class in middle school & the first thing I made was a wonky cup that read, "heart breaker." TRUTH - Kiki requested a photo of the cup if it was, in fact, true.  Well, I never {okay, rarely} throw anything away {especially something I made}, so here's the crazy cup from 7th {I think} grade.  I don't know what I was thinking carving "heart breaker" on there.  Maybe I had an abundance of confidence - or just thought it sounded like a cool idea...  I dunno.  I'm crazy.

I've been an aunt since the ripe old age of 4.  TRUTH - I stumped many of you here, but it's true.  I have 2 older sisters, & the eldest is a lot older than I & married young.  It was strange, my nephew & I went to the same elementary & middle school for a time, & it was hard to get teachers & students to understand the truth {"Nope, he's not my cousin.  He's my nephew!"}.  Now, both of my sisters are moms & I have 2 nephews - 1 20-something & 1 who's 5!  Some of you fellow sisters who are struggling with your single status, consider this - last month I attended my oldest nephew's wedding!  Yes, wedding!!!  I blogged a little about it here.

When I was little, my mom super glued my Barbies' shoes on their feet.  No more lost pink heels!  LIE - Some of you thought this sounded like a fabulous idea {you're welcome to 'steal' it}, but no, my mom never approached any of my play things with super glue.

There you have it, friends!  Thanks for all who guessed - I fooled you all!

Love {No Lies},


  1. These are awesome!! I definitely thought the barbie shoe one was one of the truths!

  2. First of all, thank you for posting that photo of your cup! It's way too cute and I know that it's definitely one of those keepsakes that you've just got to keep. :)

    And I seriously thought that the Barbie shoe one was the truth--how did you ever come up with that one as the lie? You stumped me, girl!


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