Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3 Easy {No Carve} Pumpkin DIYs

Here's 3+ easy, no-carve ways to embellish a pumpkin {be it real, or faux}...

1. Chalkboard paint!  Confession time: I didn't use true blue chalkboard paint for the pumpkin above.  No, I just used plain old black paint, but I found it works just fine for this project - since I won't be erasing/reapplying chalk often.

2. Washi tape!  It's removable & comes in a variety of designs!  Super easy!

3. Permanent marker{s}!  These work great & are pretty resistant to the weather if you place your pumpkin outside.  The metallic ones {like the gold one I used above} add a bit of fancy!

More Ideas:
-add thumbtacks or decorative brads
-melted crayons
-glitter or faux gems
-stickers {letter stickers spelling a word would be nifty}

Here's another idea I came up with last year...
Click here for the full instructions. 

Pumpkin Love,

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