Friday, October 25, 2013

Black Cat Beanie DIY

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but recently where I live it's begun to feel very autumn-y, & even downright cold!  This hat idea had been in my mind for some time now, & I'm happy to say I've finished it just in time for all the end-of-October festivals & activities, not to mention the turn in the weather.  It's a fun alternative to a complete head-to-toe costume.  I think I'll wear it to my church's fall festival this weekend! 

Click the image above to enlarge & see the supplies you need for this craft.  SIDE NOTE: My beanie came from the Dollar Tree.  Knit hats {like the one above} are best if you choose the no-sew option.

what you do:
Cut out 4 large triangles of the same size from black fabric for your cat ears, leaving enough room to hem & attach to your hat...  

If you can sew, take your needle & thread {or machine} & sew 2 sides of each of the triangles, right-sides together.  Then, reverse each ear, so the right sides are showing & sew to hat.  

no sew:
If you can't sew, or rather wouldn't, you can take your hot glue gun & carefully glue your 2 triangles together, folding the raw edge to the inside - & repeating for the 2nd ear.  If you have a knitted/crocheted hat, you can poke your ears through the natural holes in the hat & secure with a small amount of hot glue.  If not, you can carefully attach your ears to the top of your beanie {less hot glue is more, in this case}.

Love & {Lots of} Meows,

P.S.: I think I'm about to chop off my long locks!  I'm nervous, but if you could have seen the amount of blond hair I pulled from my vacuum {after running it unaware & nearly burning it up} the other day, you might understand why I'm ready for short {or, at least, shorter}.  I honestly think I could have made the Guinness Book of Records with the amount of tresses I pulled/cut away from the underside of my sweeper - it was about 2-3 years of accumulation!  Ugh!


  1. Cute & Simple it!
    Kim ~ This ole Mom

  2. Thanks, Kim! I like how it turned out, too!


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