Thursday, September 23, 2010

Falling For Fall

Falling For Fall

I love autumn! Yep, I’ve fallen for fall. (I couldn’t help myself on that one!=) Anyways, here are a few of the reasons why…
Why I Love Autumn...

This beautiful, little known Nichole Nordeman song is all about the wonder of the seasons God has created, & it's one of my new favs. Enjoy + enjoy all the fall-ish tunes now playing on Bess' Bag - turn up your speakers! =)

I have to say I'm a brand new Adie Camp fan! I hadn't really heard her music until the other day, but I must say I'm loving it! She's the wife of Christian music artist Jeremy Camp by the way! Here's an appropriately seasonal song...

Genesis 8:22

Psalm 65:12

Love to All,

P.S.: Don't forget God's gifts to you.

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  1. Hey, I like your header! And these are great songs! I didn't know she was Jeremy Camps wife! But then again, I don't know JC all that well. :)
    Praying for you always. Please pray for me...I'm seeking a job. Thanks sis!


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