Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer to Fall: Making Your Wardrobe Work

Tomorrow just happens to be the official 1st day of fall on this side of the planet, & that means cooler weather is on its way (though today, where I am, it’s hot). Are you beginning to stash your “seasonal” clothes in storage as the weather turns? Stop right there, put down the short sleeved blouse & capris & step away from the Rubbermaid tub – slowly! You might just be committing a major crime – a total injustice on your wardrobe & pocketbook. Who says summer clothes have no role to play in autumn? Here’s some tips to make your wardrobe really work for ya…

*NOTE: I’m not promising every piece of summer paraphernalia has a place in cooler weather – such as I don’t think I can winterize flip flops (wearing them with socks isn’t very practical=), but hopefully you can take a few warm weather pieces into the new season.
Summer to Autumn

Hot to Cold

Warm to Cool

Layering is the starting key...  Oh, & don't forget accessories; many can easily be moved from season to season with little tweaking.  Just use a little imagination & know-how.  Feel free to share your ideas, too!
Tips For Making Your Wardrobe Work


P.S.: More fall fashion fun is headed your way this week!  Stay tuned-in!


  1. I am excited to use some creativity in donning some sweet outfits! These are great! Can you believe fall is here???!!!

    P.S. Thank you lots for your sweet note! Haha, love,
    Miss Dickinson.

  2. I love how you did all these! Actually HOW did you do them? They are really neat! Keep it up[!


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