Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: The Gabby Floretta Headband (Anthro-Inspired)

Anthropologie Headband Tutorial

So, I fashioned this ages ago “in the good ole’ summer time,” but have yet to share. Yep, a bad case of procrastination on my part, but hey now I can fit this into my previous “Summer to Fall” post – cause this summery accessory would look great any season!

I was browsing through an Anthropologie catalogue one day (love) when my eyes fell onto these pretty outrageous headbands. The funny thing was, I kinda liked ‘em – big puffy flower & all – thus, my Gabby Floretta headband was born. Here’s how to do it…

-1 headband (I get mine at the Dollar Tree (6 for $1!))
-strips of fabric or ribbon
-hot glue gun
-small beads
-needle & thread (any color)

-First off, wrap your headband with either long skinny strips of fabric or ribbon (I used fabric I got from a vintage upholstery sample card I had). I typically start at one end on the headband & sorta fold the end of the ribbon (over the headband tip) so it completely covers the tip & then begin to wrap the fabric/ribbon tightly around the headband. If you need to use more than one piece of fabric/ribbon, just add a drop of hot glue & wrap it slightly over the edge where you stopped (so as to ensure the headband will be completely covered). Add hot glue to each end of the headband when done to ensure stability.
-Cut skinny pieces of fabric or ribbon for your 2 flowers (I made 1 of my flowers have slightly larger petals than the other). Crisscross the pieces until they resemble a flower, then sew through all the strips (in the middle) with a few hand stitches. Do this for both flowers.
-Sew beads onto the middle of each flower to make its’ center.
-Try on the headband & decide where you want to hot glue the flowers…then glue. Ta da! Behold the headband I’ve coined ‘The Gabby Floretta’! Perfect for autumn…or summer…or spring.


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It's funny, I never used to wear headbands, but when I got my hair cut short I now wear 'em lots! 

-Some Anthro-Inspired Fall Polyvore Fun-

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