Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crafty Christmas Blog Design Winner...

An online random number generator presented me with a #2…the writer of comment #2, & winner of the custom blog design bundle from Annie Joy, is…
Congratulations Lily & thanks to all who entered!  Lily entered all 5 chances into the giveaway; here's some of her responses:

She penned 2 sweet haikus...
Shepherds and kings see,
All wrapped in swaddling clothes,
Our baby Savior.


The snow falls softly
From the heavens to the earth,
On this Christmas Eve
This was what she was excited to give this past Christmas...
My favorite gift I'm giving this Christmas is a friendship bracelet to my best friend. I have a matching one, so we'll be bracelet-buddies. ;)

& here's her New Year's resolution...
Here's my BIG resolution for 2011: Be more patient and kind to those around me. (:

Thanks again Annie Joy for offering one of Bess' Bag's readers with a fabulous blog design package handmade!  Love ya bunches!

P.S.: Lily, please leave me a comment (which I won't publish) with your e-mail address.  I will e-mail Annie Joy with your info (blog address & e-mail) & she will get in touch with you!  Enjoy your blog's new look!


  1. Congratulations, Lily! I can't wait to give you a new design :)



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