Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Soft Taggy Toy {For Baby} Tutorial

Brrr! Baby, it's cold outside! =) I still have a few ideas up my sleeve in the coming days before the ‘blessed event!’ Speaking of ‘blessed events’ here’s a sweet idea I thought up the other day…

Possible Recipients: Small Ones =)

Have any tiny bundles of love on your Christmas list this year? Try your hand at making this soft toy perfect for small hands (inspired by all those Taggie baby items you see in the stores)... 

What You Need...

  • 1/4 yard of flannel fabric (this amount makes at least 2)
  • different kinds of ribbon
  • sewing machine &/or needle & thread
  • straight pins
  • stuffing
  • crinkly paper
  • small bell (for rattle) - optional

Cut pieces of ribbon & fold them in half to create the taggys.

Cutting small slits around the circle (not all the way to the seam line where you stitched) may make it easier to turn right side out.

Stitch up the opening when you're finished either by hand or carefully on a sewing machine.  Ta da!  A sweet gift for a wee one this Christmas.  I don’t think I’ve got any little little ones on my list this year (the youngest is my 2 year old nephew who loves trains), so I think I’ll put this up for later (in my hope chest (well, if I had one)=). 

Don't forget...the first gift of Christmas was a baby!



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