Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Etsy Shop Gift Guide has become the place to buy handmade online.  You can find amazing craftily-made creations from A-Z (+ from all over the place).  I know it's definitely getting down to the wire (especially in terms of online shopping), so I wanted to put together this quick gift guide for ya...  Never fear, you can find whatever you're looking for on Etsy.

My 1st pick is Nostalgia Organics (click the name to visit)!  I love their stuff!  Prices range from around $2.50 - $25.00... &, as you probably already unearthed it's all natural!  Take a gander at their irresistible products (they even throw in a free gift with each purchase)...

Angel Kiss Natural Artisan Soap $8

Sunday School Natural Bath Wash $12 (I love the name!)

Petite Lip Balm $2.50 (Perfect for the old stocking!)

Goose Bumps Clove Apricot Exfoliating Scrub $8


My next pick is Bramblewood Fashion Boutique (click the name to visit).  Most of you know Ashley Nicole from her blog, but did you know about her shop?  She's got a selection of cute handmade (& modest) skirts, bags, & accessories! 

Lucy of Narnia Inspired Earrings $11

Molly Felt Flower Hair Clip $8


My next pick is Sew Technicolor (click the name to visit)!  I had the blessing of winning one of Kristin's handmade wallets through her blog, & I was so impressed with its quality & cuteness!  Visit her sweet shop to see more!

Long Clutch Wallet $20 (This is the same style/color wallet I won!)

Embroidered Felt Hoop Art $8 each


My final pick is Emariecreations (click the name to visit)!  You might just know Samantha from her lovely blog, too!  At her shop you'll find lots of adorable Polymer clay creations + some covered button accessories.  She's currently holding a sale of 10% off everything!  Hurry on over!  

Creamy Rose Covered Button Earrings $10

Pie Slice Pushpins Set $5


Well, I hope you got some ideas & you'll visit these great Etsy shops for even more!  Merry Christmas!  No matter what comes wrapped up in paper & bows this Christmas, the greatest gift is Jesus... He was wrapped merely in cloths & placed in a manger, but He was & is the greatest gift ever given to us!



  1. What a great collection of favorites! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my shop, Bess! I really appreciate it. :) I'm glad you're enjoying your wallet!


  3. Thanks for sharing my shop with your readers!


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