Saturday, December 4, 2010

Plate the Great

Possible Recipients: Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Sister, Friend
(if you've got an older guy on your list, you might be able to make this manly enough to gift him)

At most thrift stores there's an aisle devoted to matchless dishes, teacups, & the like all waiting for good homes... that is where this tutorial starts, but where it will end all depends on what you choose...

NOTE: All these ideas are to create a decorative plate (not intended for food use). 

What You'll Need:
-1 or more rescued plates
(I was able to find 3 matching plates all for under $1 each!)
-scrapbook embellishments, paint, letter stencils (it all depends=)

Glue down scrapbook embellishments to create an adorable addition. 

Add wooden whimsy.

Make it personal!  Paint on an initial using a stencil (or just freehand it).

Add a favorite Bible verse...

or quote.

Additional Ideas:
  • Add a child's handprint + name & age.
  • Let a child paint it & give it as her/his gift to someone in the family (say grandma or grandpa=).
  • Cut a family photo (circularly) & glue to center.
  • Paint a lovely picture if you've got mad brush skills! =)
  • Add the words "_________'s Kitchen."
Here's my original inspiration from Anthropologie.  I wish I could recreate this...  But, I'm happy with what I can do, too! =)

Love & Happy Crafting,


  1. Cute idea! I recently discovered ceramic markers...very fun! I wrote that exact Jane Austen quote on a large mug/soup bowl with one. :)


  2. Oh, goodness. This is such a great idea. I'm hoping to head over to Goodwill soon & I LOVE this idea. I think maybe I can super glue something in the back so I can hang it, too.
    Love ya lots! =)
    -Amber- (sorry, I just had to add those)

  3. Great ideas, dear Bess!!! I have the same K and Co. cutouts, and LOVE them. I absolutely love K and Co. altogether!:)
    Lots of Love, dearest!

  4. Ah, so pretty! They look great, Bess. Your blog design is great! Love your creativity, girl.


  5. Oh, adorable! Aren't thrift stores wonderful? Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!



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