Saturday, December 11, 2010

Crafty Christmas Open House

Crafty Christmas Open House

Winter Welcome

Take a peek inside my space...

Not just for the tree!  Place ornaments in a bowl for a fresh look.

I love this vintage-looking tree that I picked up at a Dollar Tree (how appropriate) a few years ago!  The pink coral pearls look great on the white branches.  Oh, do you see the glittery butterfly ornament nestled between the takeaway boxes?  It's a yard sale find!  I made a pink pompom out of tissue paper to adorn the green present.

Make a simple decoration out of a pinecone!  Just cut out a star from paper & place your "tree" in a pot!

Decorate a mini tree with vintage clip-on earrings!

My two dears, the deers... I purchased these a few years ago from a Dollar Tree, too.  I thought they looked like fancy Lenox porcelain!  Whatta ya think?

Well, that's the end of the tour!  Hope you enjoyed it!  As you can see I'm quite taken with vintage-ness & pastels this Christmas!

Oh, wait!  Here's some Anthropologie inspiration as you prepare to make merry your home for this blessed season of Jesus' birth...


  1. So awesome =) I think I'm more excited about the wrapping than the actual presents!

    And I love your unique decorations. (Especially the pine cone one!!)

    Love ya,
    Amber ;)

  2. Lovely, Bess! Thanks for adding your link!


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