Friday, March 4, 2011

For the Birds...{Sometimes}

Leaving the Nest

Hello girls! 

I have to say...leaving the nest sometimes feels "for the birds."  It's not this perfect equation for adventure, happiness, & coolitude.  Sometimes it's plain tiring, lonely, &, well, hard...& I wish I could hop back in the nest & be fed, taken care of, & chatted with.  {NOTE: My *old* family home (it sounds weird typing that) welcomes me with open arms anytime.}  Going "home" to visit just isn't the same as nesting with the folks, & while it's hard sometimes in this new nest out in the big world, I know it's where God wants me to be...hard nights & all - even when I chip one of my new glasses while I'm washing it; when one of my dinner plates cracks right down the middle in the microwave; I bump my car into the yellow base of a parking lot light at the grocery store; haggle with the checkout clerk that my purchases are on sale {it says so right in the ad} & leave all my unpaid purchases in a small {as polite as possible} huff at the checkout; spy the yellow paint on my car with much angst; drive to my unfinished nest; & have a cry.  God's with me every step of the way & understands my birdie (that sounds much nicer than 'bird brain') thoughts...  And He's with you too, sis.


Here are the nest's before shots...

living room

fireplace close up (+ my robin's egg blue rain/garden boots=)



I promise more nest pics when I finish the feathering process!


  1. Thanks for sharing, dear sis! We're praying for you. Can't wait for the "after" photos!

    Annie Joy

  2. Aww!!! How sweet for a new first home!:) Well, Miss Bess, with your creativeness, you shall be making that place feel more at home!:)
    Do post pictures when you add your special touches!:)

    Oh, and I replied to your email, but I don't think it went through...could you please let me know?

    Love you lots,

  3. It's so good to hear from you, sweet sis! Just keep on flappin' those birdie wings -- I can just picture Daddy saying, "Come on daughter, this way. It's time to fly!"
    Oh! I love you!

    p.s. Love the new place! Can't wait for more pics =)

  4. Oh I know just what you mean!! I just recently "Left the Nest" a few months ago, and I'm still getting used to living alone. While I'm excited about being on my own, and enjoy the independence, sometimes I just miss having someone else in the house making noise or someone to test my latest batch of sugar cookies. Hang in there and good luck "feathering" the new place! May God bless your new home to be a place where not only family and friends are welcome, but where the Holy Spirit dwells also!


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