Monday, March 21, 2011

Instant Chic: Scarf Styling {With ModCloth Videos}

"Instant Chic"

There's something very Audrey Hepburn about scarves...& if Audrey isn't "instant chic" than I don't know who is!  Amber, my great blogging pal {who I love sooo much} & sister-in-Christ, asked for a post on scarves & how to wear them.  This is for you, Amber.  {Hope you all like it, too, as a silk scarf is the lead favorite springtime accessory so far, according to this month's Girl Talk Poll!}

Bess' Notes: Last spring, I created a scarf post with even more ideas {including how to wear them as tops}.  Visit here!

Neck Tying Lessons...

Bess' Notes: The tutorial below is entitled "Winter Scarves," but could definitely be used for lightweight or sheer spring & summer-evening scarves.

Head Tying Lessons...


...Silk scarves as seen on DKNY's ready to wear spring 2011 collection.

Springtime Love,


  1. Hello, dear friend!
    Neat! Thank you so much for sharing! I L-O-V-E feminine and light {or warm:)} and stylish.;)

    I know this is going to sound like a SUPER odd and completely random question but what are some of your favorite Disney characters? =D Yes, 'tis random!;)

    Well, hope you are having a lovely and blessed day filled with those whimsical secrets that come on spring's wings. *wink*
    Lots of Love,
    P.S. I will hopefully be putting together a really special package for you. ;) <3

  2. Awesome post! I have a ton of scarves and love wearing them, and both posts gave me some new ideas!

    ~ Chy


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