Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nest Feathering: TV Stand DIY

I’ve come to a realization. My apartment’s a forever-work-in-progress. I’m not going to be able to get everything “just so” so that I can show you around in one humongous post…it’s simply not possible {well, it’s possible, but scurrying about to get it all presentable may send me over the cuckoo’s nest}. So, I’ve decided to show you the progress – bit by bit, feather by feather. It’s funny, with all these bird analogies flying about =) that, indeed, my apartment does have a decidedly feather-friendly design element. I’ve always loved the simple, poetic, magical quality of birds… so I’ve sprinkled them about the house in various ways.

Here’s my latest DIY project... {I am getting quite excited by interior decorating – you should see me dance about when I see a design show on tv with fabulous ideas!}

My mom found this great tv stand for me at a yard sale for $8! It’s got great storage cubby holes on each side + in front. I wasn’t sure about the black shiny paint job, however. My original plan was to have mostly white furniture… Hmmm… Then I looked about me…on the walls were pics I’d put up in black frames {one even has a big black bow surrounding it}. I decided mixing the 2 colors wouldn’t be so bad. I thought it might even look neat, since the tv I bought {yes, I bought my 1st tv} is white, of all things. A trip to Michael’s soon after the epiphany, gave me an even greater one! At the front of the store was a big sign 7 for $1, & underneath were piles & piles of scrapbooking paper {a weakness of mine}. After digging in the pile for quite an embarrassing amount of time, I came to the check out with 7 different papers {I stopped myself from purchasing more} =), one of which was black, white, & even sported a cute birdie (see below).

After my crafting mind got into gear, I discovered the shiny black & white birdie paper would look great on the front blah panels of my tv stand. I rushed back to the store the next day & got more sheets, measured & trimmed to size, & affixed using pieces of wall sticker backings that I glued to the back of the scrapbook paper & then peeled the backing off & stuck on (so it can be removed without damage) {I love removable wall stickers, by the way, but more about that in another post.}. So, with 14 cent pieces of scrapbook paper {I’d say easily less than $1 for all} I updated my $8 tv stand into something quite snazzy {well, I think so} =)! What do you think?

Mini DIY project…
I love having plants inside! The big palm I bought came in a plain black plastic pot, which wasn’t very attractive, so I found a woven placemat at a thrift store, cut it to the height of the pot & hot glued it to the sides. It didn’t reach all the way around, but thankfully {& sneakily} it doesn’t have to as the back of it is towards the wall.

Love from the Nest Feathering,

P.S.: If you’re wondering about my tv antenna, it’s a strange one that has room for a photo. I was sick of looking at the fake photo frame models, so I cut more of the scrapbook paper & put it in.

P.P.S.: How do you like the blog's new look? {Notice the bird theme - yep, it comes full circle - home & blog.} =) 


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I absolutely l<3ve your tv stand!! The colors coordinate so perfectly. When I get a house of my own, I am going to hire you to come give me ideas (jk :D). No, but, seriously... lovely idea :).


  2. Lovely (both your new nest and blog look)! The TV stand does look very snazzy indeed! I can't wait for more updates :)

    Your sis in Christ,
    Annie Joy

  3. It looks great, Bess! That's a really amazing idea. I never would have thought of it. :) But now I'm looking at my desk, which is also shiny black, and wondering if I could try the same thing on the drawer. :)


  4. It looks amazing, I love it!:)



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