Saturday, March 5, 2011

Modest Spring Runway Rundown {D&G}

D&G Spring 2011

D&G Spring 2011 II
Gardener's Picnic

D&G Spring III

Quite sweet, huh?  Try out the look yourself by donning ruffled skirts & pastel-y florals paired with Wellies (i.e.: rubber rain/garden boots), or any of the other options listed above!  If you've got a spring dress with straps hanging in your closet, pair it with a fitted tee or other well-fitting top (it's no good to show your undergarment straps in public...ever {it can make guys' minds wander & we don't want that}...& it's simply bound to happen with those skinny straps that move when you move).  Make your clothing choices please your heavenly Daddy! =)      

Bess' Frugalista Tips:
  • Hot glue {or clip/tie} a posy of silk flowers to each ankle strap on a pair of wedge sandals for the runway look for next to nothing!
  • Tie a bandana or scarf over your hair.  Not only does it protect your tresses/scalp from the sun, but it makes you look oh-so-D&G-stylish!
  • Sew a simple carry-all bag {or keychain or scarf} out of red checked cloth. 
Love to You,


  1. Lovely looks! Thanks for sharing!

  2. awesome! great tips! i'm so ready for spring seeing those makes me even more ready!


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