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Bess' Travel Diaries: England + Wales, Part 1

Travel Diaries: England + Wales
Adventure Overview

Adventure Overview (Cont.)

The journey beckons {& begins}...
  • {overnight flight} U.S.A. to Heathrow Airport, London {I sat next to a lovely young American woman who lived in England with her husband & children.  She even gave me her phone number in case I had any problems on my solo adventure!}
  • Heathrow Express train to London's Paddington Station {It was here that I nearly sat down in the middle of the mass of moving humanity & cried.  I was exhausted, lugging my luggage behind me {that must be why it's called luggage}, & being told something different each time I'd ask how to get to the little town in Wales where I was to stay for the 1st 3 nights.  But, I managed to hold it together.  Thank You, Lord.}
  • London, England to Wales {by trains}   
"Bon Voyage"

Dear Diary,

Wales is pretty darn cold!  The natives were out in short sleeves & shorts, while I was bundled in layers & still shivering!  Not to mention, the B&B is quite a long walk from the train station.  What have I got myself into?

P.S.: "Awryt butt" (which sounds like "all right but") apparently means "hello friend" in Wales-speak {something to do with bud, as in buddy, only they call it butt}.  Not where I come from buddy...or should I say butty.

Here's the room where I spent my 1st 3 nights {& killed 2 of the 3 sinister-looking spiders of the trip.  Ugh!}  It was a room for 2, but I stayed in it solo {of course}. 

This old silver skeleton-style key fascinated me.  They still use these antiquities over there!  In fact, it was the key for the front door of the B&B, which was formerly a vicarage {thought to be built in the 1600s}.  The floors were awfully creaky!

I spent so much of my time on trains or at train stations.

On day 2 I traveled to Cardiff, the capital of Wales.
Cardiff, Wales

Dear Diary,

Today on my way to Cardiff, I chatted with an elderly lady originally from Northern Ireland.  As we neared a rail station, I took the chance to ask her what station it would be {asking questions is all I ever do, it seems}.  She told me Welshpool, so I sat back & listened to her describe how her old aunt fell & broke her hip & went down hill from there {as I was waiting for the Shrewsbury station, not Welshpool}.  As the train began to pull away again from its stop, the lady {Margaret was her name} finally took a breath & looked out the window.  These are the words that next came out of her mouth: "Oh, no!  This was your stop!  I'm so sorry, I didn't think we were there yet!"  To make a long story short, I had to get off at the next station, get a train going back the other way, & wait for the next earliest connection.  Oh hum well, that's travel for ya!

Coming back from Cardiff proved even less appealing, as I missed the train by mere minutes that I should have taken {note to self: 24 hour clocks are a terrible confusing invention}.  I had to wait about knowing that I wouldn't be coming into my little B&B town until after 10:00, which meant a long dark walk.  So I did what any normal girl would do alone in a foreign land, I begged someone to use their cell phone & alerted my B&B hosts that I would be getting in rather late {hoping beyond hope they'd read between the lines & offer to pick me up from the station}.  Sadly, they said they'd be out themselves...  So, I did next what any solitary, worn out girl would do on a strange foreign mass, I went into the restroom & cried.  On the long dark stroll home {note: when I say stroll I really mean speed walk}, I sang almost silently the old hymn from long ago... "What a friend we have in Jesus..." & prayed.  He was with me all the winding way.  Day 2 was quite something.  What next?  All I know for sure is, "what a friend we have in Jesus!"

P.S.: So glad I brought along that mini flashlight {a torch, to the Brits}.     

bustling streets of the capital {note the Welsh flags flying}

these pom-pom-like flowers were so tall & large {sorta like something you expect in Alice in Wonderland}

clock tower {part of Cardiff Castle, which I toured}

click here to learn more about the castle

fancy angelic decoration above a fireplace {inside the castle}

one of the many stained glass windows

dining room for wee royals

study area {love the window seats}

this is one of my favorite pics {yep, I'm a bibliophile}

Norman Keep {located inside the castle walls}

bright ivy creeping up the ancient stones

Well, this closes part 1 of my Travel Diary.  Stop back by soon for the rest of the adventure!

Love from Wales & Back Again,


  1. Lovely, Bess! I can't wait to read more and see more pictures. :)


  2. How lovely!!! So glad to hear, though, that you made it safely home.

    Well, if nothing bad ever happened during a trip, what stories would there be to tell with some excitement? :D

    I love all the pictures, especially the one of the dining room for the wee royals. ;) So much history in Wales and England.


  3. Thank you so much Bess for adding me to your blog list!
    Your trip looks so much fun! Love all of the pictures. God Bless.

  4. Oh, Bess what an adventure! I'm so glad you're back. The whole time you were gone, you were on my mind & I prayed for you everyday! Even when it was night here & morning there! I love the pictures. & I can't wait for more! Sorry I didn't comment sooner; I was in another state haha. Well, love ya sis!


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