Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bess' Travel Diaries: England + Wales, Part 4

Bess in London

Dear Diary,

London is by far the biggest city I've ever ventured into...  What was I thinking?  This place is crazy busy - & of course I would choose to visit the two days that coincide with a Bon Jovi concert & some memorial service {not to mention a couple peaceful protests here & there + perhaps the hottest temperature registered (in Celsius, of course) this summer}.  Most folks here are pretty stoic or at least disinterested in offering a smile to passersby or any other such pleasantry.  Every time I hear an American accent my heart does a patriotic leap inside my chest & I move in to chat with my fellow Yanks.  Get me back to my "old Kentucky home"...well, I don't have a home in KY, but ya know what I mean... 

Big Ben with the London Eye peeping by in the background
Big Ben is actually the moniker of the bell inside the clock tower
houses of parliament
Trafalgar Square
London Eye
London Bridge {is not falling down, as you can see} =)
riding across the bridge {in an open air double decker}
Bess' London Scrapbook

I took a double decker bus tour around the city + a cruise on the River Thames.  I helped this older man {a tourist from India} find the right dock to get on the boat cruise {I know, imagine me, in gigantic London being able to help others find their way around! It was definitely a God thing, how I was able to remain unlost for most of the time & make it back safely!  Heaven knows I could still be there trying to find my way back if not for my heavenly Daddy guiding my steps.  Thanks Father!}.  Anyways, near the end of the cruise the Indian man reached for my camera & said {note he didn't ask}, "I will take your picture."  So, I got a few shots, wanted or not, where he sort of told me where to stand & snapped away! =) Of course, I then offered to take his picture, which I did, after he instructed me to be "real quick."  Never a dull moment. 

Westminster {just think, William & Kate got married in this very church}
Tower of London {foreboding, isn't it}
buildings, buildings, buildings

No one {but God} knows how much I felt the words of this song as I wandered about the streets of London...


P.S.: Just one more travel diary entry left!

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