Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bess' Travel Diaries: England + Wales, Part 2

Windermere {The Lake District}

Dear Diary,

Today I traveled to Windermere - nestled in the heart of the English Lake District.  Quite a trek from my little town in Wales!  I had to catch a train at 6:25 in the morning just to get there by 11 something in the afternoon...but I couldn't visit Britain & miss out on the chance to see Beatrix Potter's Hill Top Farm home!

P.S.: I met a lovely Japanese girl named Shiho on the boat {I took a boat ride then bus (& back again) to visit Hill Top} who loved children's literature as I do!  Shiho is an artist who wishes to create children's books.  I'm so glad to meet a friend so far from home.

P.P.S.: I chatted with a Scottish man, too, who kindly gave me a pound for the bus when I couldn't find one.  Oh, how I do love Scotland & am sorry I couldn't make it there on this journey!     

Lake Windermere

a beautiful swan {+ a mallard duck in the right corner}

so picturesque

the view from Hill Top's garden

old British rose found in the beautiful garden out in front of Beatrix's farm home

foxglove {also known as Digitalis}

the perfect sight outside the garden {these rabbits were actually fenced in, but I saw droves of wild bunnies all over the English & Welsh countryside}

part of The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction {sadly I didn't have enough time to tour the exhibit, but I visited the gift shop where I took this photo (click here to learn more)} 

click here for more on Hill Top Farm


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  1. How lovely! I'm a fan of Beatrix Potter and I've wanted to go to Hill Top Farm ever since I first saw "Miss Potter." :)



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