Sunday, December 11, 2011

{5 Minute} Christmas Card Holder Tutorial

I love the idea of a simple homespun Christmas...  This being my 1st Christmas in my own home, it's easy to get caught up in a decorating frenzy that threatens to steal all my free time & totally deplete my hot glue gun stick collection.  Truth be told, this has been a very trying season for me.  Stuff just isn't going smoothly... to put it lightly.  So, I'm working to keep the decorating simple {yet chic} =) & focus on the true meaning of Christmas... which fills my weary heart with the hope, comfort, & confidence of my heavenly Father's love for His currently downtrodden daughter.  He is sooooo good... & I know He will lift up my downcast face & wipe away all the tears {& tear tracks} in His perfect time.  Love You, dear Father! 

What You Need: long ribbon {wide ribbon works well}; paper clips {I chose red & white ones}; Christmas cards =) {I could see this project being used for photos, too!}

What To Do:
Take the ribbon and tie a nice bow {you may want to sew a couple stitches to secure the bow - I, however, did not}.  Next, attach the Christmas cards {or photos} to the ribbon using the paper clips.  Lastly, carefully hang the back of the bow on a nail {covering the nail head}.  There you have it!  This was super simple... I'm so pleased with how it turned out!

Christmas Greetings
{with love from a girl & her God},

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