Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Bookish Christmas

Yes, I love crafty Christmas-y things that are, at the same time, bookish!  This little Christmas tree art was pretty simple. Here's how to recreate it... 

What You'll Need:
 fabric (for the backing), a page from an old book =), seed beads, needle & thread (for stringing beads), scissors, buttons, glue, frame

What To Do:
Cut a tree out of the old book paper {I find folding the paper in half and cutting out one side of the tree is easiest}.  Next, string seed beads onto thread for a garland, & attach to tree with thread or tape.  Glue buttons on as ornaments.  Glue bedecked tree onto fabric.  Place in frame & enjoy!

Bookish Blessings,

P.S.: I made a paper chain out of ye olde book paper, too!  I heart the written {typed} word. 

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  1. Bess!! This is so awesome & lovely!!
    I miss you lots & lots...



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