Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Open House

Deck the Halls

Welcome!  I wish I'd had the chance to show you around before the big day, but better late than never!  Here's a little tour for ya... =) 

My living room has a sort of green & blue color scheme, which I didn't want to alter just for the holiday season... so, I let my Christmas decor match what I already had in place.

My tree had a bit of a theme: nature/things that fly... butterflies, dragonflies, birds, reindeer =)

These glass bird clip ornaments were one of my favorites.  {Michael's Craft Store $1!}

Love this quote I found in a magazine!  It seemed quite appropriate, so I cut it out & layed it on a low branch.  Note the bejeweled glittery green dragonfly ornament.  {Walmart $0.97}

My bookish Christmas continues with my fireplace area.  I tore bunches of pages out of tattered old books {I got them at my local used book store's 'free box'}, & placed them at different angles, taped/glued them together {from the back}, & cut them to fit behind the glass panels...  Don't worry, I don't use my fireplace!  I made a simple paper chain out of more old book paper + a stocking garland out of a $1 chipboard book I got {again} at Michael's, which I disassembled, covered with book paper, & hung on a ribbon.  I love the wall sticker I got at the Dollar Tree which reads, "With God all things are possible."  A perfect promise for Christmastime.

Click here to see how to create another bookish Christmas craft!

My simple card display {which I simply heart}.  Click here to see how to create your own!

Hope you & your family had a blessed Christmas full of the hope, joy, & peace only Jesus can bring!

Love & Happy New Year,

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  1. This is beautifl, Bess! I love the theme of butterfly, dragonfly, etc. ornaments! Lovely...



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