Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year + That Girl

My Style Icon: Marlo Thomas

Retro TV shows make me happy, & none more so than That Girl. Oooh, I love Marlo Thomas {the star actress}, her quirky charming personality, & fashion sense. This show has much to do with me going out on my own … I knew about the show, but had never seen it until around Christmas last year. After watching That Girl I couldn’t be content until I found my own little apartment & tried my wings… The rest is history. You can’t imagine the squeals let loose {in my apartment} the day I saw the commercial letting me know That Girl was coming back to TV… no more scrounging & saving to purchase the DVD box sets. Tomorrow on the MeTV network {which I sincerely hope you have}, they will be hosting a That Girl marathon, & in the days after that, you can find That Girl every weekday night at 9:30 eastern time! It’s simply fabulous!

I hope to do some That Girl fashion posts in the near future, too… so come back soon!

If you don’t have MeTV, or simply can’t wait till tomorrow afternoon, here’s the first episode {after the pilot}. Hope you enjoy & happy 2012!


That Girl New Year


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