Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Camp Craft: The Mermaid's Hair Clip

This Camp Craft project would make a terrific addition to a girl's craft night or sleepover!  So fun, yet so simple!  

Here's What You Need:
-metal hair clip(s) (found at most any craft store)
-sea shell(s)
-hot glue
-small scrap(s) of fabric
-small amount of stuffing (like what you'd stuff a pillow with)

Here's What to Do:
To create a more stable place to attach the hair clip to the shell, we will create a sorta 'pearl' out of a scrap of fabric & some stuffing.   

Place stuffing onto the fabric scrap & create a mini pillow-like shape.  Carefully hot glue this to the back of the shell so the stuffing won't come out & it is secure to the shell.

Finally, hot glue the clip onto the back.

Ta da!  Now you're ready to accessorize like a mermaid!

More Inspiration:
You can create loads more hair clip styles.  
See some of my other creations above.

Bonus Project:

Create a place to hang & organize all those hair clips you make!

What You Need:
-wide / long ribbon
-plastic hanger (the smaller the better)
-hot glue
-scrapbook die-cuts (optional)

What to Do:
Decide how long you want your hair clip holder & cut your ribbon a little longer.  Carefully break off the sides of your plastic hanger to slightly smaller than the width of your ribbon (so the ribbon will hide the hanger edges).  Next, fold the top edge of your ribbon under to create a 'hemmed' edge & hot glue to hanger (you can also hot glue some ribbon around the edges of the hanger first if they are sharp or you want to make sure they are hidden).  Finally, if you'd like, you can add a scrapbook die-cut (or some other picture) to the bottom to hide the raw ribbon edge.

Camp Craft Love,

P.S.: I've always dreamed of being a mermaid!  Here's some summer beauty products inspired by the half-fish maidens {yeah, these are likely all part of my dream world, too, but I like 'em even if I can't afford 'em all}...

Mermaid Beauty

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