Sunday, July 1, 2012

Let's Go On A Road Trip!

Road Trip: Let's Go!

Ever get a hankering to hit the open road?

The 'Road Trip' seems to be a summer institution, right up there with watermelons, fireworks on the Fourth, & water balloon fights.  Maybe it's the human condition of wanderlust that makes us pack up & ride the highways & byways, either way, this is a great time to have an adventure - where the very adventure is the journey!

Let's pack!  Remember, travel light, the adventure is the journey.  Here's some things you might just want to bring along...  
Road Trip Fare

Be safe - make sure your car is in good shape for the journey, you've got a tank of gas, a working cell phone (+ have told at least 2 trusted people your travel plans), all passengers wear seat-belts, obey all speed limits, be mindful of the weather, & never pick up hitchhikers (yikes).  Pray before you hit the road for safety, blessings along the way, & an openness to live the adventure God's got in store.  You never know, God might be placing you in the path of someone who needs to hear an encouraging word of hope in Christ!  {After all, that's what He did with Philip & the Ethiopian (read the amazing, ultimate 'road trip' story in Acts 8:26-40).}   

En Route Style Inspiration 
Road Trip Wear

A sweater in the middle of crazy summer heat may seem ridiculous, but it's a good idea to throw one in the car - a blasting air conditioner can be icy!  A silk scarf is a simple way to pull your travel wear together - whether you wear it on your head or around your neck... instant chic/cool.  Comfort is key on a road trip - have comfy (more loose-fitting clothes) + good shoes.

Oh yeah, don't forget tunes for the trip!  Here's one of my favorites... 


Traveling Love,

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