Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pics From the Trip {Part 2}

I hadn't been to a Disney Park in forever... & I had never been to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  I have to say it was fabulous!  Tons of shade, not quite so busy as the Magic Kingdom, & loads of animals (which means loads of opportunities to learn & see new things).  

Here's some of the highlights...

saw Finding Nemo & The Lion King shows (great way to beat the heat & so fun - I felt like I was going to cry during Finding Nemo, but I held it together (yep, I'm crazy) =)

watched a parade {yes, Minnie totally remembers me from the last time I met her when I was a tot}

got to see loads of God's amazing animal creations (lions, tigers, hippos, giant bats, exotic birds, giraffes, bugs, crocodiles, rhinos, & more) 

got completely soaked on the Kali River Rapids ride {part of the world of Asia in the park, which is where I got a lot of these final pictures}

attempted to shop at Downtown Disney {crazy crowds} {love this "gown" made out of Princess Aurora dolls + the sweet Tinkerbell & Mad Hatter tiny top hats below}

Well, that concludes my trip to Florida!  Glad to share it with you!  Wished you could have tagged along!


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  1. I love Animal Kingdom! :) We saw the Lion King show last time we were there, too, and it was amazing. We actually got seats on the front row because we were there for my high school graduation, so we had a lovely view!

    Besides, I'm a roller coaster junkie and Expedition Everest is probably my favorite ride in the Disney parks (except for maybe the Tower of Terror :).



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