Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let's Hit the Beach!

Let's Hit the Beach

Ever yearned for the salty sea breeze or to dig your toes into white sugary sand? 

 There's something essentially summer about the beach.  Gazing out far, where the horizon hits the water, & suddenly feeling so small in God's great big world...  The ocean is a magical place!  

And... I'm headed there this coming week!  It's sort of an unexpected journey.

 So, as I pack I thought I might as well help you pack, too, in case the beach {or even the pool} is one of your summer destinations this year!

What to Pack: Beach Bag Edition

1. towel
2. sun screen {Skin cancer is scary & no joke, not to mention the sun ages your skin, so lather it on & don't forget to reapply!}
3. spf lip balm {Don't burn those lips!}
4. sunglasses {Protect those eyes, too!  If you wear regular glasses you can find some sunglasses that clip to the front of your regular glasses or go completely over your frames.  Some glasses even come with custom magnetic removable sunglasses now.} 
5. hair elastics/headband {Keep these handy for when you want to get your hair out of your eyes from windy beach weather.}
6. hat 
7. flip-flops/sandals {Sand can be scorching hot + be hiding broken glass or other litter.  Wear footwear down to the beach & leave them next to where you lay your towel.}
8. water bottle {Hydrate your insides, too!}
9. plastic baggies {These are great for putting a wet suit in or for sea shells.  Have a couple in your bag.}
10. cover-up {A cover-up can be a button down shirt, skirt, maxi dress, tunic, romper, tee... there's loads of options.  If you plan on changing into other clothes you bring make sure you bring the appropriate undergarments.  I remember once having to go to a restaurant after the beach, & I brought everything I needed... or so I thought.  I had everything, but my bra!  I couldn't wear my dripping wet one-piece suit under my jeans & t-shirt!  Luckily my t-shirt was gray {not white} & was loose-fitting, but still, I was sorta holding it out away from my front the whole meal!  Trust me, girls, not an enjoyable way to dine at the end of a long day of fun in the sun!}
11. camera {Waterproof cameras are great for the beach, but they can be pricey, too.  So, what I do is make sure my camera is safe in its case, & then in a plastic baggie, when not in use.}
12. good book {If you're a beach reader, make sure to lather on the sunscreen & pack a fabulous read - might I suggest Bethany Hamilton's Soul Surfer.}

Wish I could post more, but I gotta pack!

Love to the Ocean & Back,

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