Thursday, July 5, 2012

Camp Craft: What to Do With Decorative Tape

I love decorative tape!  I especially like the above version from Domestic Bliss Decor {via JoAnn's Fabric & Craft Store}.  What makes it tops, you ask?  Well, it's made out of wall sticker material - so it's removable & even safe for walls.  I found this roll & a couple other styles on clearance + found a bunch of new items from the company, such as wall stickers & longer & wider adhesive rolls to cut out your own shapes!  Here's some ideas of what to do with a roll of decorative tape...       

Look familiar?  That's right, I used it on my magazine catch-all.  Find the tutorial here.

Add a couple strips to make a striped journal.

Cover a blah bangle.

{NOTE: I cut little slits all along the edge of the tape so I could wrap the excess inside the bracelet + I hot glued ribbon to the inside, as well, so the extra tape on the inside would stay secure.}

Add it to one of those clear candy boxes you don't know what to do with.

Cover a jar + cut out an accent from the tape to add to the lid.

Add it to a frame {you could cover the entire thing or just opposite sides}.
{Bonus Tip: I framed these pages I ripped out of a Vera Bradley catalogue, using a strip of scrapbook paper to fill the frame, & then hung them in my closet.  I'm working on jazzing up my closet... more on that later!} 

There's really so much more you can do with this!  Add it to a wooden monogram letter or vintage book cover... practically anything!   

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  1. Sweet! It's like extremely WIDE washi tape that I am absolutely in love with. *happy sigh* If I had lots of money, most of it would probably be spent on crafting supplies. *smile*

    much love,
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