Monday, July 29, 2013

College Bound Girl {Printable} Checklist

College Check List

The stores are already stocked up with rulers, black & white composition books, & a plethora of backpacks & lunch boxes... yep, it's back to school time again! For some of you sisters, that means college - &, yes, some of you will be entering this world for the first time as freshmen!  Oh, I'm excited for you!!!  As a college graduate myself, I look back over those scholastically minded years with a huge smile!  It's a time of independence, discovery, adventure, & lots of newness! {Did I mention f-u-n?  That, too.} 

Today I'm sharing a printable checklist created just for you, Miss College Girl!  It's certainly not going to be the end-all list that's got absolutely everything you need, but it's a starting place - with some items I found helpful + everyday necessities that just might slip your mind in the rush & nervousness {that's normal, by the way, nerves, butterflies, the Mount St. Helens of shakes - however you categorize the excited anxious buzz that's overtaken your person}.  I hope to lessen your angst & increase your excitement through sharing some wisdom I've gleaned & other important stuff I wish someone had told me {with some funny stories mixed in} in the coming College Bound Girl posts here on Bess' Bag!

To snag your checklist click on the image below, right click & save to your computer {or copy & paste}, open in a word document, resize if necessary, & print!

College Love,


  1. Can opener, wall hooks, batteries, umbrella ... I am so glad you posted this list, because I honestly never even thought about packing most of these. My college is 8 hours from home, so I'm super nervous about forgetting things. :/ This list will help me get on track! Thanks, Bess! :)

  2. I am really thankful I came across your blog! Such an inspiration! :)


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