Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"When God Makes Lemonade" Book Review

When God Makes Lemonade: True Stories That Amaze & Encourage created by Don Jacobson

You know the old adage {I’m certain you do}, ‘When life gives you lemons make lemonade’?  Have you ever wondered if the lemons, the sour moments of your life, can be used by God’s hand to make something wonderful, refreshing, & restorative?  In the sunny yellow covered book When God Makes Lemonade: True Stories That Amaze & Encourage created by Don Jacobson, you will find a plethora of real situations where God makes a redemptive lemonade, of sorts, out of the moments that are much less than sweet.  

The first “lemonade” story is by Don Jacobson, himself, & tells about a desperate time in the woods of Oregon when a malfunctioning in his new hunting gun almost takes his life.  The stories that follow {there are over 60 in all, each written by a different author} are equally compelling truths from each writers’ life.  Each story is an easy read, typically about 3-4 pages.  God takes illnesses, grief, heartaches, accidents… & squeezes until unexpected good comes out.  It isn’t easy to see the good in the sour disappointments & hurts of life, but this book has made me more aware to look about me for God’s guiding hand, to hope, & to trust that He is present & working even in the midst of the lemons.        

Bookish Love,

*I received this book from the publisher for free (through the BookSneeze program) in exchange for my honest review.

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