Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Scrapbook {Update}

Here's a few shots of my summer scrapbook progress...

I found the above lyric image from Pinterest.  Love it {from the song "Lord, I Need You" by Matt Maher}!

The above library card can slip out of its holder for me to add to the list of all my crafty projects completed this summer.

Still have lots to do & much of it probably won't happen until summer's over.  What memories are you excited about capturing this season?

Crafty Love,

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  1. this is lovely, dear bess. so proud of my crafty sis. ;) i've been trying to work on my summer "art" journal in hopes of capturing summertime memories, and am hoping of having everybody who is in this play I am in to sign it with a fav. memory. ;) xx *wink*


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