Friday, July 5, 2013

Floral Crown DIY {Inspired by "Sincerely Kinsey"}

Browsing around "Sincerely Kinsey" - a sweet photography/DIY blog I read - I came across Kinsey's tutorial to make a "practical" floral crown.  There's something almost dress-up/fairy-pretend about a halo of flowers that has always made me want one, cause this girl would wear a princess dress to Disney World if I could get away with it!  

Floral Crowns

Even though floral crowns are really in at the moment, it's still hard for me to think I could pull one off most days.  However, the pretty practicality of Kinsey's crown is perfect!  Click here to view her tutorial!
I was able to find the same flowers Kinsey used in her tutorial!  {They're from Hobby Lobby.}  I used a thin wire headband {camouflaged, but pictured above, also from Hobby Lobby}.
I cut the flowers, leaving a few inches of stem, & wrapped each wire stem around the wire headband.  With a couple remaining blossoms I made an additional hair clip, for those days when something smaller than a headband is wanted.
Thanks, Kinsey for the fantastic inspiration!  You no longer have to wait for a music festival to be a princess of the flora!

Handmade Love,


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