Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bess' Bags - No Really!

Hi everyone!
Since my blog is called "Bess' Bag," I thought I'd share some bags that I find charming! I know most are kinda pricey, but it's nice to dream & find some inspiration while we're at it! =) Bags in order from top to bottom:
Anthropologie, Alloy, Modcloth,
Modcloth, Roxy, Anthropologie, & Modcloth
So, what do you think? What kind of bag do you carry (& why (I'm curious))?


  1. Fun post! I like number 2, 5, and 7. Personally I carry several different bags, they are: a green floral hobo, purple shoulder bag, and a brown & white polka dot shoulder bag that I made. :)

    Here is my reply to your question on my blog. =)

    Bess - On promoting your blog, tell all of your friends. Sign up for blog rolls. Like I'm on the Feelin' Feminine and Modest Fashion Bloggers Network blog roll. Are you on any boards? If you are, put the link in your signature. Leave comments on other related blogs, have the comments be interesting and would want people to find out if you have a blog. And do leave your blog link in your comments. Do you find this helpful?

    ~Ashley @-}---

  2. Hi Bess!
    Thanks for inquiring about my blog.
    Your blog is cute, you are doing alot better blogging than I did at the start =D I was terrible at it!
    I like bag #5 the best. I have a pink shoulder purse that is sort of a hard shape to explain, but I like it alot.

  3. Yes, that does help, Ashley! Thanks! As you can see from my new Fri. post, I've got some tricks up my sleeve, as well!

    All the Best,


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