Monday, February 15, 2010

Tuesday Tip & Tutorial: The Cutie Beanie

On Tuesdays I think I'll post a tip (tips about fashion, life, guys, random stuff, God... anything) or tutorial (craft/diy) (What do you think?). Each Tuesday you can be surprised with either a new tip or a new tutorial! And, since it's my 1st Tuesday blogging, I'll do both!

Tuesday Tip:
Where Are Your Helmets, Girls?
It’s winter & in most places it’s “baby, it’s cold outside” kinda weather. We need hats to protect us! See below on how to create your own “Cutie Beanie” in the 1st ever tutorial on Bess’ Bag. Did you know as Christians we need to protect ourselves from the “climates” around us? In Ephesians 6:17 it states, “Take the helmet of salvation…” Do you remember in old storybook scenes how the knight always wore heavy armor & a strong helmet? The head is so important & we need to keep it safe! So, as you don your hats to brave the cold, remember that as a believer you should protect your mind from evil & impure thoughts – whether that means not watching that TV show, not going to that movie, guarding what you say & think, standing up for your beliefs when faced with the crowd that uses curse words & crude humor, or simply asking God to help you maintain a pure heart. Don’t forget your hat… & your helmet! =)
Don’t know God & have a relationship with Jesus yet? Feel free to ask/talk to me about it!

Tuesday Tutorial:
First off, in the realm of craftiness, I am a frugal princess (actually I'm pretty much thrifty to a fault all the time), with just the basics of sewing knowledge, to boot. So, most of my crafts are simple & could be created by lots (I hope).

So, I've always wanted a cute embellished beanie (I especially heart those cuties from Roxy)! But, being thrifty as I am I could never see myself dishing out the $$ to buy one. So, I made my own... & it cost me about a $1!

1) Find a beanie. In my quest for the hat I looked for two things: a great price & a color that I thought I could wear with lots of different things. I found my beanie at a Dollar Tree (the store where everything's a buck - I definitely heart Dollar Tree)!

2) Choose/create embellishments. This is definitely a craft to personalize & show your individual style (I love those crafts)! I used things I had in my stash, but you could find lots of embellishments at a local craft store. Here's what I did: with fabric scraps & a pair of scissors, I created free-form petals + I added a button to create the center of the flower + I cut out a small heart out of faux gray leather I had lying around... & Voila! I simply sewed the embellishments on in a simple "no rules" way, to give it that cool, carefree crafty look! Ta da: 'The Cutie Beanie' is born!

3) Wear your Cutie Beanie with a smile! It's sure to keep you warm & cute!

"Take the helmet of salvation..." -Ephesians 6:17
& be sure to come back next Tuesday for a new tip or tutorial...

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