Monday, February 15, 2010

Outta the Bag!

Welcome to Bess’ Bag & my 1st ever post! Hi, I’m Bess & I look forward to meeting you! First off, confession: I never thought that I’d have a blog – I was totally ignorant to the blog world until this year, & even after discovering the “blog scene” I didn’t think I’d be a blogger, but here I am – surprises are grand aren’t they? This whole thing is sort of an experiment for me, & we’ll see how it goes…

Let me introduce myself…the real me…
I’m a Christian girl trying to please my Heavenly Father & grow ever closer to Him. I love… books, art, fashion, imagination, the book of Romans (in the Bible), family, writing, Emily Dickinson, & ice cream (to name a few).

About the Blog…
This blog was created to encourage girls in their walks with the Lord (whether the walk is strong & true, a mediocre stroll (I hate the word ‘mediocre’), a crawl, or a path that has yet to be taken (at one point or another we’ll likely find ourselves on all of these paths & more)). I will be posting on a variety of subjects: fashion, crafts/diys, true beauty, guys, great deals I think you’d like the heads up on, tips, & of course God (in all my posts I hope to point to my Heavenly Father who gives us the abundant life, purpose, the hope of everlasting life, sets us free of sin & guilt, & loves us even when he’s seen all that we’ve been) .

I’ve also got some fun monthly features:
-Girl Talk Poll – Let your voice be heard & give us your honest opinion through answering questions on a variety of subjects. Vote!
-Memory Verse of the Moment – Each month I’ll post a new Bible verse. I encourage you to try & memorize em’ with me!
-Song of the Moment – I’ll post a new fav song each month + a link to where you can hear it, too – can’t leave you out!

P.S.: Now, I don’t want to be one of those people chained to their computer (figuratively), that rarely see the light of day (unless they take their lap top on a picnic =)), so I won’t be posting & checking for comments daily, but I’ll be around. Hopefully you’ll see 2-3 posts a week. Now, don’t stay handcuffed to your mouse & keyboard, either – go out there & live the life that God has planned for you – I know His plans are special! Nice to meet you & I hope to have you visit again – this has been nice.
With Christian Love,


  1. Welcome to the blog world! =D You have a very cute blog Bess.

    ~Ashley (from Bramblewood Fashion)

    If you ever have anything else you would like to see me blog about. Just tell me. :)

  2. Welcome to the blog world! =D You have a very cute blog! I'll look forward to seeing your future posts.

  3. Very nice: articles, photos, blog!


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