Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bess' Back to School Lookbook (Volume 1)

Back to School


Smart-tees - Nothing like a cute graphic tee to show your personalitee!
Oh, Patches!

Girl Scout secret handshake not required.
Backpack It

Be prepared!

Pouch Power

Pouches pack a mean organizing punch.
Blazing a New Trail

Blaze a new trail.


  1. I can hardly believe its already "back to school" time and almost fall! Where did the summer go?! I feel like I'm just starting my summer! :)

  2. Very cute, Bess! Hope you're doing well & I'm praying for you :)
    Love always,

  3. Ooh, I LOVE that Hello Kitty tee!!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness this is so cute! I loooove the pouches (especially the pink one with the little owl!), and TOTALLY love the "Indi-Annie Jones" backpack (which, btw is the cutest name everrr! I'm not lying, reading it made my day, but do not ask me why! lol)And I also love the classic blazer. It's a really cute one.

    Thanks, Bess!


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