Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Love

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When I was younger – say 13 or 14 & on up through my teen years – each summer brought with it the promise of a summer vacation, & with that, came the possibility of a summer love (at least in my mind). Yes, I thought, or more like dreamed, that on one of these (typically week-long) family excursions I would meet someone poolside (cause that was the perfect spot) & experience a whirlwind romance. I blame tv for this! I think I’ve watched more than a couple shows where the writers thought this a great premise. So, prior to each trip I’d meticulously pack with romance heavily on my mind…flashback: Hmmm, I could need this fancy top. Oh, & definitely those dangly (clip on=) earrings; they’d look great with my swimsuit. Make-up was even worse…flashback: I’d like to have that perfume along if I meet ‘the one.’ I need that shiny pink lipstick, that gloss, oh, & that sparkly body glitter + eye shadow combo. I look back & see that I was crazy (& I blame tv). But, then again, what’s so loony about wanting to be loved & wanted by another? That’s normal human behavior 101, right? Right.

I guess you’re wondering if I ever did meet someone. No. I’d don my glittery face & my high heeled sandals & dangly earrings, & no one seemed to care (accept my aching feet & ears (clip ons hurt like crazy)). Summer vacation after summer vacation, I was left disappointed & wanting… This reminds me of a Bible story. You know, the one about Jesus & the woman at the well…(John 4:1-42) The woman was a Samaritan, & Samaritans & Jews just didn’t mix, but Jesus spoke to her anyways as she came to draw water. Samaritans & Jews were sorta like hunks (or males in general) & me at the pool. Jesus spoke to her because He cared about her. We learn that this “lady” was wanting too, when Jesus shares her life story with her, “…you have had five husbands, & the man you now have is not your husband.” (John 4:18). Yep, it sounds like this Samaritan woman was truly wanting, but everything (or everyone) she found to satisfy her didn’t last or fulfill…she was still thirsty for more…nothing satisfied. Jesus offers her the greatest gift & what she needs as they talk by the well: “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” (John 4:13-14). Through accepting Jesus Christ (the Living Water) & becoming new through Him she could find that which would fill her up for good. Through Jesus her life & lifestyle could be changed, & more importantly her eternity.

You know, even though I still haven’t had the whirlwind romance poolside (or otherwise) that I used to dream of, I have a true love in my God, just like the Samaritan woman, who by the way, went back & told her whole village about Jesus…& through such led many to believe. Amazing! I think about those days when I would pour my all into my appearance & what I put on my body – then I think about the things I pour my all into today - & I wonder why more times than not I haven’t given God so much enthusiasm, time, & love. It’s time to stop & take a visit to the wellspring for refreshment & redirection.

Taking time to pray & just talk with the Father about your struggles & dreams is a great place to start; He loves to hear from you! Ask Him to help reignite your passion for Him; let your Heavenly Daddy know you want to give Him everything & serve Him with your life. Ask Him for guidance & direction, & for help when your mind slips to other things & you soon find your whole self consumed with your new recent obsession. Nothing will ever fulfill you like a true relationship with Jesus, if you try others things instead, you’ll find yourself in the same spot as the Samaritan woman prior her change of heart at the well, thirsty & still wanting. I know you’ve likely heard this message many times before – you know, the don’t be lonely for a boyfriend, cause God’s your truest love – well, it is completely the truth, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. When, you find yourself like me, feeling like a vacation beauty queen wanna-be with no secret admirers in sight, just remember God is with you. He calls you beautiful even when He’s seen all the wrong stuff you’ve done; let’s face it the Don Juan you meet at the pool wouldn’t. He knows when you feel lonely & hurt, & He understands & cares &, yes, loves you beyond description. Here’s another thing, if you haven’t found all your fulfillment in Him – cause you haven’t accepted Him as your Savior yet (see Good News tab) or still cling to parts of your life & haven’t given total surrender & commitment to Him, how do you think you’ll ever find the true satisfaction for your thirst with a mortal man who’s full of mistakes? If the only perfect One, God, can’t satisfy you, how could a so imperfect male? Know that God is the truest love you will ever have. He knows so completely every detail about you, after all, He made you; & if that weren’t enough He shows the true depth of His love in the giving of His Son, Jesus, who He gave to die upon a cross so that we would not have to be separated from Him. Yes, that’s the true stuff that quenches the thirst in your heart for good. (So much better than a poolside fling!=)

Love From the Imperfect, Though No Longer Thirsty,


  1. Yay! Awesome post, Bess :) I am getting to know my heavenly Daddy more and more, and it's truly amazing :) I am seeking to surrender to Him completely through His grace :)


  2. I just read about the Samaritan Woman the other day. This analogy makes total sense. And that's right - if I don't find fulfillment in our perfect God, how can I find it in an imperfect male? Wow, this really touched me!
    Love you,

    P.S. It is raining outside, & it reminds me of the song you attached. Fill my cup Jesus!

  3. Thanks for the comments, my 2nd groupie! :) heheh That was cute!! I have to say, I'm very fortunate to have found your blog. Your blog, unlike most I've come across, has this ..gravity! It's caused by a perfect combination of topic & style of writing. &All I know is I love it! :)
    Oh gee, & didn't we all have those over-the-top moments?? Too funny! I was lovingly nicknamed Miss Priss by many teachers & professors in my schooling career because every day seemed to be an opportunity to find that love we all chase. The humorous part is that we run around unknowing to the fact that God's love is the love we chase & it is there all along! Lucky girls who realize this early on! For the some point we have to retire those clip-on earrings & pull it together! haha :)

  4. That is one of my favorite stories in the bible. Jesus really showed his love by talking to people that the jews wouldn't have anything to do with.

    We need to show his love to all people.

    It is His kindness that brings us to repentance.

    Keep shinning!


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