Friday, August 27, 2010

Fast Food Muse Tutorial: Barista Hair Sticks

Yes, I know it has taken me forever & a day to post this – the 2nd installment in the Fast Food Muse posts - I’m sorry! I’m sure I’ve been starving your Tuesday Tutorial loving selves…that is, if you are a Tuesday-Tutorial-ophile. Life has been the epitome of fast. Fast decisions, fast planning, & even fast eating. So, who am I kidding? I can’t honestly say I’m going to take back up the Tuesday Tutorial schedule, but there WILL be tutorials…sometime. =)

Bess’ Handy Dictionary Definition
Barista: a maker & server of that wake-me-up-in-the-morning institution of coffee
(I actually don’t drink the stuff!)

-McDonald’s Coffee Stirrers (2)
-Lace, Buttons, Ribbon, Stickers, Jewels (Pretty Much Whatever)
-Glue (Hot Glue is Usually Best & a Crafter’s Best Friend=)

Okay, here’s the recipe for these cheap & chic hair sticks…
Stop by your local McDonalds (purchasing is optional=), & casually slip 2 coffee stirrers into your pocket. Yes, this is part craft project part spy mission. =) Next, take them home & decorate ‘em anyway you like. I used 2 Chanel fragrance sample papers (You know those ones at department store counters that you can spritz with uber-expensive perfume?). Another freebie; I know there should be a support group somewhere I could join. =) I glued lace around the fragrance papers & made sure that the McDonalds emblems were completely out of sight, & voila! Red-haired clown approved…well, maybe not, but definitely cute & thrifty, what more could you want in a project? NOTE: Not intended to be used as a hair stick combination coffee stirrer. Very ill advised.

Lots of Love,

P.S.: Further Instructions… Just put hair in bun, (No, not hamburger, you’ve got sesame seeds in your hair.) then put hair sticks through bun in an ‘X’ shape. Yes, you could also use chopsticks!

"I can do all things through prayer & coffee." -Source Unknown


  1. I should try this! And the quote at the bottom pretty much sums up 2009 for me :)

    God bless.

  2. What a neat tutorial! I love this! Thank you for sharing, dear friend, and thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog! :)

    Your Sister In Christ,

  3. Dearest Bess,
    Thanks so much for the sweet comment, and it brightened my day when I finally got online (after all the unpacking)to see a sweet note from my dear Bess!
    Of course, I always have time for my dear sister, and if not, I MAKE time!!!:) Oh, how I have missed you so! My family and I had a lovely time in Yosemite. Yes, God is an AMAZING artist, who has the best eye for beauty. Even if we do not see beauty in something, say an ugly brown acorn, "He makes everything beautiful in His own time," and that ugly acorn has just grown into a mighty oak.
    Keeping you in my prayers, and hoping that all goes well with your job! The Lord will bless you for your hard work!
    Life's going well, and I feel as if summer could never end, but alas, I am starting school next week. Just to-day, when we arrived home, I smelled in the air, the crispness of autumn was on summer's wings and then autumn reminded me of winter that follows and Christmas and the long dull months ahead of it; it's coming all too soon. I cannot believe I am going into High School!!!
    I hope you are having the brightest day one can have, and may the Lord pour a shower (a cheery one at that:) of blessings upon you, my dear friend!
    Love ya lots from your lil' sis in Christ,
    P.S. This is probably the longest comment in the history of Blogger:)

  4. That's really neat!! :) And, I tagged you!


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