Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ask Me!

Hello! Did you notice the Girl Talk link under the header (see top of blog) has been changed? Yes, the wildly unpopular (hey, that’s okay=), Girl Talk is officially kaput. In its stead I have a new creation – okay, that’s strangely making me sound like a mad scientist (Yikes!). Ask Bess is the monster’s name…arm your villagers with torches & sundry weapons, & gather them in an angry mob… Okay, okay, that’s enough of that! =) Anywho, Ask Bess is a new feature, & a pretty self explanatory one, but here I go anyway…

Got a question for me, need advice, or just want a listening ear? Click on the “Ask Bess” link under my header. I’d be happy to give you my thoughts (free of charge=). What are sisters-in-Christ for?! Simply leave me a comment/question on my Ask Bess page + tell me…
-if you don’t want your comment published (if you don’t tell me not to, I’ll think it’s okay to publish – so let me know if it’s not=)
-if you want your answer published or sent to you privately through your blog or other means
+Feel free to leave an anonymous note &/or provide me with a nom de plume (Bess’ Handy Dictionary Definition – nom de plume: pen name), such as Wondering, Uncertain, Hopeful, or Wishing.

I may occasionally post about questions asked + my answers, but only if the asker has not specified no publishing. So, let the asking begin…well, that is, whenever you have a question!

Love From Your Sis,

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  1. Awesome!! I think that's really great :) I will definitely drop you a few messages every now and then :)



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