Friday, September 24, 2010

Modest Fall Fashion Runway...Rundown

Modest Fall Fashion

If you’ve read Bess’ Bag before, you may recall my confession. Yes, I am a recovering teen magazine reader. When I was in middle & high school I would pour over issues of Seventeen, CosmoGirl, Teen Vogue, & all that… I truly hate to admit that to you. It’s true, I love fashion & style & that whole bag, & that was the main reason I looked at those mags…but, even if you could find some decent clothing inspiration in those glossy printings you had to wade through unhealthy advertisements, trashy articles, worldly opinions, & unrealistic photo-shopped models to get there. Talk about not worth it! But, at the time, I thought it was. These volumes were “cool” & “in,” but were they God-pleasing?

In high school I mostly read Teen Vogue. I loved to see what the current fashion trends were direct from the runway, but the advertisements alone in that thing were so sexually charged, unhealthy, &…sinful. I knew the ads were inappropriate, but I justified the situation (to myself): “ I skip over them quickly & just look at the magazine for the “good stuff”…it’s okay. I knew deep down it wasn’t okay for me. Finally, one day I heard a voice inside telling me to chuck ‘em to the curb & I listened. The next recycling day I loaded them into plastic bags & wheeled them out to the curb (yes, sad, I had to use a wheelbarrow to get rid of my teen magazine collection). I left them there, waiting for the truck. I was done with all that. It wasn’t easy, but it was empowering letting go & listening to my heavenly Father. That experience is one of the reasons I started Bess’ Bag – to create a place where girls could find style info that is both God-pleasing & current. I am pleased to present to you, dear sis in Christ, a modest fall 2010 fashion rundown… No matter your shape, size, or fashion sense you are beautiful to God. Remember that & act accordingly!

P.S.: More to come!

Sweet slacks, ballet flats, & simple sweaters!
Fall Fashion: Stella McCartney

Chunky sweaters tied with a bow, head wraps, pointy shoes, shiny coats, & graphic 50s style dresses!
Fall Fashion: Prada

Roomy coats, metallic shimmer, giraffe print, & crisscross!
Fall Fashion: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Furry coats, khakis, chocolates, caramels, knits, & leather!
Fall Fashion: Chloe`

Musical musings, crazy carryalls, carrying on, & leopard print!
Fall Fashion: Moschino Cheap & Chic

Victorian lace, bold stripes, hats, & poufy pants!
Fall Fashion: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Dark boho florals, long length, tassel hats, & sherpa-lined vests!
Fall Fashion: Ralph Lauren

Military coats, fuzzy sweaters, bold colors, & faux-fur!
Fall Fashion: Oscar de la Renta

Ladylike frocks, pumps with bows on the toes, super long belts, & 50s chic!
Fall Fashion: Louis Vuitton

Longer skirts, furry vests, & bursts of lemony yellow!
Fall Fashion: Fendi

Sleek wide-brimmed chapeaux, baggy trousers, thick neck warmers, & fur!
Fall Fashion: Carolina Herrera

Decedent grunge, draped fabrics, mismatch, & textures!
Fall Fashion: Rodarte

Tans, grays, furry bags, & sweaters!
Fall Fashion: Michael Kors

Black is the new black, trousers, & suits!
Fall Fashion: Elie Tahari

Belts, blues, frocks, & pops of red!
Fall Fashion: Tommy Hilfiger

Cropped pants, beanies with a pouf, & metallic shimmer!
Fall Fashion: Diane von Furstenberg

Major pouf, striped sweaters, & suspender pants!
Fall Fashion: Sonia Rykiel

Fall Fashion Rundown


  1. You have a great sense of style. I am getting so inspired to shop & put more creative fun outfits together! My favorite sets are number 6 and the last one. I'm gonna go on polyvore right now!

    P.S. You made me smile (prayer line). Love ya too!

  2. Cool! I have the same feelings about fashion magazines too! My mom recently bought me a fashion magazine, and while it was very sweet of her, the ads in the magazine were little less than "blushin sessions!" I decided to do MODEST a modest fashion magazine! Check it out on my blog


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