Friday, November 26, 2010

Crafty Christmas Has Arrived + Gifts For You

Today’s the day - the start of Bess’ Bag’s Crafty Christmas, that is. Here’s hoping you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving – sadly mine was not so “wonderful” per say…it was certainly thankful, but not “wonderful” (okay enough with the quotation marks=). I was under the weather & didn’t get to spend much time with my family or share in the delicious eats. Yes, no turkey, no dressing, no pumpkin pie, no creamy mashed potatoes… just lots of mugs of hot tea. Ugh, being sick on a holiday (especially one with so much good food) is horrible. Thankfully (see, I’m being thankful=), I feel better today – not 100%, but much better. So much so that I forced myself out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to visit Joanne’s Fabric/Craft Store. Crazy! I was there when they opened the doors in a line (braving rain & cold elements) with other crazy crafters. I was rewarded, however, with a $5 gift card! Our store gave them out to the 1st hundred or so. Mine’s already spent. Well any who…
Crafty Christmas

Welcome to Bess’ Bag’s Crafty Christmas! As you can see from my confessions above I heart craftiness. I happen to love handmade presents, too – they’re personal, thoughtful, & show time, effort, & love. So, I’ll be sharing loads of crafty gift tutorials from here on out until the Big Day + I’ll be sharing Christmas-y decorating inspiration & other sundry merry & bright cheer! My crafty gift tutorials will include (at the top) a section called “Possible Recipients,” where I’ll provide a list of who the item could be gifted to (such as “sister, friend, aunt”). Tuesday Tutorials/Tips are hereby suspended for the rest of the year, as I will be posting such craftiness by the boat load. I can’t wait to begin! Christmas is by far my favorite time of year! Stay tuned! Oh, & be sure to visit my good blogging friend & little sister-in-Christ, Grace, for “An Old Fashion Christmas” at her blog “Grace’s Garden Walk” for even more handmade gift ideas! We’re sort of hand-in-hand events going on simultaneously!

Oh, yes, mustn't forget your gifts! 
In honor of the start of Bess' Bag's Crafty Christmas... 

Get a $3 MP3 Amazon credit using the code GET3MP3S here.  That's like getting 3 songs for free!  Just make sure your picks are $0.99 or less.  Also, currently the entire Tangled soundtrack  (MP3 download) is just $3.99 (I can't wait to see this movie)!  With your $3 credit, that's 20 songs + a digital book, for only $0.99!  If you go that route, click & purchase through the Amazon link provided in this post to help support the blog!  This deal ends 11/29/2010.  Enjoy!

Snag a free 8X10 photo collage (personalized with your photos, of course) at Walgreens online.  Enter promo code THANKSGIVING & choose in-store pickup.  Put your collage in a lovely frame & this could be one of your Christmas gifts, just like that!  This offer ends 11/27/2010.  Hurry

Much Handmade Love,

P.S.: Christmas music is now playing! How do you like Bess’ Bag’s wintery look?

Here's the 3 songs I got + the $3.99 Tangled steal!


  1. Oh! How exciting! I can't wait for this. I struggle with making gifts for friends/family so this will be a treat! Love you,

  2. Oh, I'm sorry you didn't have a good Thanksgiving. :( I hope you feel better soon!!!!!

  3. It stinks to be sick on holidays! Hope you're feeling well soon.

    Thanks so much for the Amazon MP3 info! :) I used it for three Michael Buble Christmas songs, and I bought the "Tangled" soundtrack. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I can't wait to, and I love Disney songs. :)


  4. Cannot wait to see what's up your sleeve, dear Bess! Thank you for linking up to my party!!!
    Hope you are having an amazing day, dearest sister!


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