Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: The Newsgirl Cap

You know the old vintage-y, boyish (Is that redundant?) newsboy caps that many a fella has donned? Well in today’s simple tutorial we’re gonna turn a regular ole’ newsboy hat into a fun & snazzy (yes, I said it) newsgirl accessory! I read that back in the day (say early 1900s), boys would wear these distinguishable caps to let the public know they were selling newspapers. So, follow me to the newsstand, girls…

What You’ll Need:
-newsboy cap(s) (You can find these for pretty cheap at thrift stores & yard sales.  I also suggest asking your dad/granddad if they have any in their closets you can confiscate.  My hats were my dad's. =)
-ribbon (I used a nice stiff velvety green specimen=)
-needle & thread
-button (optional)

Create a bow or simply crisscross 2 pieces of ribbon (as seen in 2nd pic). Next, sew ribbon/bow to the back of your hat. You’ll need to try it on & play with the positioning before you take the needle & thread to it. Don’t forget your thimble! Voila, the tres chic newsgirl cap just right for an autumn stroll (tuck a newspaper under your arm for a more authentic look). =)

Crafting Love,

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P.P.S.: Oh yes, here’s a little music video (below) of a song by the Christian band appropriately named The Newsboys…they’ve been around for a long time & I love ‘em!


  1. That is sooo cute! Is that your hair in the pic? It is an adorable cut!

  2. Such a cute hat! I will definitely have to try that out. ;)
    And I love love LOVE that song!!!

  3. Thanks for the kind comments you guys! Yes, Shaynie that's my hair. =)


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