Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fabulous Freebie Alert for Bloggers

I know, I know, it’s not yet the start of my oh-so-secretive Crafty Christmas event, but I can’t help but bring a little early Christmas cheer to you (for free no less!). Shutterfly, an online photo/ photo gifts company, is offering 50 free Christmas cards (personalized with your family photo(s)) for bloggers who’ll spread the word about their services. Wouldn’t it be simply wonderful to get your Christmas cards for free this year? I encourage you bloggers to check this out! Click HERE to sign up!


P.S.: Here's one of my favorite cards...
image from


  1. Hello, dear Bess!!! Neat freebie, thank you for sharing!
    Thank you so much for the sweet comments! Yes, I can hardly wait for both of our events to start; can't wait to see what things you have up your sleeve;). We could be like partners since our events occur at the same time! What do you have in mind?
    Well, dear Bess, I hope you are having a lovely autumn afternoon, that your job is going well, that the Lord pours a shower of blessings upon you (not literally, which happened on my birthday, but hey, rain is good;), and those *wink* throughout the day!
    Love you lots,

  2. Yes! I def. suggest you all to do this, I received 50 cards, a great gift! Though, I still have not decided what design to do, they have soooooo many.


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