Monday, November 1, 2010

A Veggie Free Christmas! =)

Oh, no!  That's not what I meant!  Keep reading...

I know lots of you have kids in your life (They're so precious, aren't they?).  Whether it's younger siblings, nieces &/or nephews, or maybe even children of your own - most have one thing in common...a certain disdain for vegetables.  The funny thing is once these genius guys animated 'em, gave them faces, & started calling 'em names like Larry & Bob a drastic switcheroo took place.  Oh, sure, kids still have a quaking fear of the produce section, but they majorly love this thing called Veggie Tales!

So, I'm happy to announce that Amazon is currently offering a free download (internationally) of the entire Veggie Tales album The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree.  This is a limited time offer, & I have no idea how long it will be available, so snag it while you can for the tiny tot in your life (or even for yourself - you know you want to=).  Click the link above to get it (you do need a free Amazon account if you don't already have one). 

A perfect Christmas treat at a perfect price!  It's amazing to think how the 1st gift of Christmas was a child, King Jesus!  

Early Christmas Wishes for a Christ-Filled Season,

P.S.: AK at "Forever Faithful" interviewed me a little while back & today you can stop by her lovely blog & take a peek at the questions & what I had to say.  Click here.  No, AK doesn't stand for amazingly kind (though I think so=), but for Anna Katherine.  If you've never given her blog a visit I encourage you to do so!  She loves visitors & is very gracious!  She's also on the lookout for more of you who want to be interviewed!  Head on over!       

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  1. I am 11 and I STILL love veggie tales :)


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