Saturday, April 10, 2010

Scarves! Tutorials, Anthro-Inspiration, & More

I love silk scarves - especially the vintage ones! The other day I was "visiting" Anthropologie's website (you know, for inspiration=), & I came across this little unique beauty:

I thought, "How cute!" Then I looked at the price tag & thought, "Uggh!" The price just was not cute: $168! Then my crafty mind began to turn & I thought, "I can so make this!" So, I did [and technically, I hate to even refer to this as a tutorial, cause there's not much to, well, do]:

What You Need: silk scarf (you could use a bandana if you wanted); string of pearls (or any long beaded necklace)

Directions: (This is so funny to even type, like you don't know how to throw on a necklace & tie a scarf around your neck!=)

I'm using a string of Mardi Gras beads I've had since I was little (I just hope no one gets to close to see that!=), & a vintage Vera scarf I got at a yard sale for anywhere from a quarter to a buck (can't remember exactly). Now, you could definitely (& pretty easily) attach the scarf to the necklace with a needle & thread, but I say, "Why go to the trouble?" Keeping them separate allows you to wear the pieces separately, as well as together. So, simply put on the necklace, fold your scarf in half (making a triangle - you may have to roll it up a little (at the fold) to make it smaller), & tie scarf behind neck with a loose knot making sure, also, that the scarf is hanging loosely around your neck. Voila! An expensive look for way less! So chic! I LOVE Anthropologie inspiration! =)
top (above) photo:

My Version:

This Anthro-inspired ensemble got me thinking of the other unique ways we gals can wear scarves, so here's some more for ya!

P.S.: I don't know if I've ever shared my love for Anthropologie with you gals, but (you guessed it=), I love em'. Their clothes & accessories are so unique, crafty, & detailed! Anyways, I don't dish out the dough for their cuteness, but I do search for free inspiration!

-Ways to Don A Scarf-

We all know those oh-so-typical ways to wear a scarf: as a kerchief, folded & tied on as a headband, around the neck... I in no way discount those chic style staples, but don't you think there's gotta be more functions for this classic adornment? I do!

1. Tie one around your bag handle! Scarves can add a bit of color & excitement to a plain neutral-colored bag. In the summer, this would look so cute wrapped around a straw bag's handle.

2. Wrap one craftily around your wrist! This casual twist adds an artsy look to most any outfit.

[Even] More Ways:

3. Wrap one around your ponytail!

4. If you have a super long one, roll it up & use it as a colorful belt or let it hang loose on one side (beach cover-up, etc.)!

5. Wear it as a top! Yes, you heard right! See the tutorial below.

6. Wear it as a modest halter top! Now, I know you're thinking "modest" & "halter top" just don't go together! But wait, before you leave my blog in disgust - never to return again - please see the tutorial below! =)

I'm SO excited about these next 2 tutorials! They're just completely amazing is all! I can't take credit for them, though, I learned about them on the Internet!

What You Need (For Both Tutorials): 2 square silk scarves (approximately the same size (mine are about 22 in. square - I don't think you'd want any smaller than that) - I'm using 2 vintage Vera scarves I purchased at yard sales), white tee

Scarf Top Tutorial:

Directions: Put on a white tee (or any shirt that you wish to be under the scarf top). Take one corner from each scarf & tie them together in a knot. Do this again with one corner (that is next to the corners you just did) from each scarf. See picture:

I know these 2 scarves don't exactly go together (though they are kinda growing on me=), but this gives me a great excuse to find more (you can usually find great vintage ones at yard sales)!

Then, slip over your head (kinda like a poncho), & bring sides of scarf around. Put on a belt or sash that can be worn right around your middle. Ta da! There you have it, a super quick & easy top! You can really have two looks with this one, since you can use the back as the front or the front as the back!

Modest Scarf Halter Top Tutorial:

Directions: Put on white tee or top. This time you will be doing pretty much the same, except you only need to make one knot. See picture:

Place the knotted corner behind your neck & then bring the folds around and smooth out as needed. Tie a belt or sash around your middle! Ta da! Super easy, super cute, & super modest - my favorites! =)

So, what do you think? How are you liking these non-Tuesday tutorials? Do you know any other ways to use a scarf? I'm sure we all would love to know!

This is my first of many posts I'm planning that will have the label: Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Inspiration Guidebook (whew, what a title=). These posts will (hopefully) provide you with some up-to-date (& modest - always modest) fashion tips for this spring & summer. I'm looking forward to adding some more pages to the Guidebook. This has seemed like such a long post, but I hope you enjoyed it!



  1. Wow! You're really creative; those are some cool ideas!

  2. Cute!!! And this sounds kinda' funny, but I like the bedspread in the background too. My fav. colour!!!! :)
    And thanks for leaving the ever so sweet comment on my blog. I enjoy the sweet little comments from my favorite sister.

  3. Wow, that's really cool. Very nice looking, I'll have to try that sometime. Don';t think the scarves will fit my body right tho, lol.

    And you have been tagged!

  4. Thanks Shaynie, Grace, & Mackenzie! Your comments make me happy! =) I hope you'll have the chance to try some of these ideas!

    With Christian Love
    From Your Sis,

    P.S.: Grace, your English spelling ("colour") makes me feel like I'm in Britain for a moment, too! Thanks! Cheerio! What an honor for you to call me "your favorite sis" - I don't think I'm worthy of that title! =) Love ya!

  5. Great ideas! I have a lot (probably 30 or so?) of silk scarves and this has got my imagination going. I especially love the top ideas, will definitely be trying those out!


  6. I absolutely love the scarf/necklace combination. I wish I had such crafty creativity! = )


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