Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Beauty Picks

Spring Beauty Picks

Bess' Notes: Items marked with an *asterisk* are ones I've tried myself.

*1. Country Chic is Bath & Body Works new spring fragrance - available April 14th.  Currently you can try it in mini lotion form for $1!  I was able to preview this scent in a full size lotion {which I've been using happily for the last couple weeks}!  Country Chic is a sweet fragrance; it's got lovely floral notes without being a complete overpowering flower power punch. {You know what I mean?}  Hints of citrus & woods balance it well. I love it!  It smells like spring, drizzled gardens, & sunshine  rays {well, at least to me}!

2. For warmer weather, spf lip balm is the perfect choice to protect your lips while adding some tint/shine.  This one has an spf of 20 + it's from the makers of Vitamin Water, so it's got some good stuff in it to boot!

3. I love this coral-y pink nail polish color for spring {in any brand}!  It reminds me of an impromptu picnic & the paler shades of a watermelon slice!  {I believe the color shown here is called 'Cute as a Button.'}

*4. Nivea makes great stuff, & this no-sun gradul tanning + firming lotion is no exception!  You can choose the lotion designed for your skin shade + desired tan {I chose light to medium, I think}.  I could definitely see my skin become sun-kissed {light-medium glow} - I used it on my legs about every day for a week & the color did deepen with each application.  The only problem areas were the ankles, feet, & knees where the color would sort of be darker or uneven...but once I knew that I could be more careful of those spots.  I love that this lotion gives you a sunny look without the damange of the rays! 

5. Physians Formula Mineral Wear loose air brush powder promises a skin pleasing effect - not only does it go on smoothly, but it's good for your skin + it has an spf of 30!

Love to Ya Beautiful,

TRUE BEAUTY: "Charm is deceptive & beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the LORD will be praised."
Proverbs 31:30

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  1. Thanks for sharing some fun products...and a relevant verse! Proverbs 31:30 is always such a great reminder! Blessings, Sarah


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