Thursday, June 14, 2012

Camp Craft: Easy-Peasy Magazine Catch-All

We all feel better when everything is in its place, but before all that everything has to have a place. Today I’m sharing a simple, quick, easy, think of another similar adjective =) make-it to store all those loose & wandering magazines, books, etc. in. So, let’s groom that room with this nearly effortless installment of Camp Craft!

What You Need: 2 identical large flat-bottomed bowls {these are from Target (clearance .98 each)}; hot glue gun {with low-heat glue gun sticks}; decoration {decorative tape (what I used), scrapbook paper, stickers, wall stickers, ribbon, paint, etc.} 

What You Do: Take the two bowls & glue the bottoms together with a glue gun & low-heat glue gun sticks. Next, apply any decorative elements. You could paint, glue on scrapbook paper, use any type of stickers, ribbons, or decorative tape. Embellishments are where you get to go wild & personalize! =) Finally, round-up the culprits {all those M.I.A. periodicals & their pals}, & place in your oh-so-adorable made-by-you magazine catch-all!


P.S.: I’ve been taming my bedroom this week. Still in progress… but getting there!

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